Introducing the radiant Steph Innes.


She is a shining light of love, joy and happiness! Steph is an F45 instructor, creator of amazing food and qualified Nutritionist.


Steph leads a wholefoods plant based diet and loves incorporating our treats into her recipes. Her favourite Hear Us Raw treat is Peanut Butter Nutter bliss bar.

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Introducing the stunning Hannah Campbell.

You might recognise her from Big Brother Australia 2020 but she is so much more than that!


She loves good food and adventures.

When she's not eating or exploring, Hannah is working as communications specialist, playing footy and spending quality time with her grandparents and family.


 Her favourite Hear Us Raw treat is The Little Mermaid bliss ball.

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Introducing the beautiful Sarah.

Sarah is a single mum who works full time in family law and studies, so she's always go go go!


She loves creating healthy food for herself and daughter Avalee. She wants to teach her young daughter that having a good relationship with food can positively impact mood and behaviour.


 Her favourite Hear Us Raw treat is Choccy Mint Madness bliss bar.

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Introducing the talented Danica and Corey.

These guys are a vegan couple living in Perth. They are obsessed with making aesthetic food. Not only for themselves to enjoy but to give inspiration to other foodies across the world.

When they're not creating epic smoothie bowls, you'll find them heading down to the beach with a coffee, jumping in the ocean and writing in their gratitude journals.


 Their favourite Hear Us Raw treat is Sir PB Brown bliss bite.

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Introducing the inspiring Emily.

Emily is currently studying Nutrition & Dietetics at Queensland University of Technology. She leads a plant-based diet and enjoys creating gorgeous healthy food in her spare time. 

She uses her Instagram to show people that eating plants doesn't have to mean boring and bland food, but nutritious and nourishing for the body. Not to mention they can taste exactly if not similar to non-vegan recipes.


 Her favourite Hear Us Raw treat is Count Chocula bliss ball.

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